Bethlehem  Baptist Church
135 Chapel Green Road
Fredericksburg, Va. 22405


Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery is recognized as National and State Historical Landmark Site

Church service phone conference will be held Sunday at 10am.  please call at 9:30 am-  number is 425-436-6350  code-245538#.  Keep dialing to get on.
Any phone will work. Please Mute your phone if you have noise going on in back ground.         ( If you can do 3-way that would help get people on also)
Invite everyone to join us on Sunday to a wonderful phone service----Praising God.
 Thursday Mornings at Noon(12pm)--------Prayer Line-----  Use above number and code to call in.
  Tithes and offering can be mailed via Bethlehem Baptist Church   PO Box 9165  Fredericksburg Va  22403
         (Thank You to all whom have faithfully supported the church through their tithes and offering during this Covid-19 Time)

 Theme for 2020:  Whosoever lives in love, lives in God    John 15:12