1st-4th SUNDAY @ 9:15AM

December 16, 2018
The Righteous Branch
Isaiah 11: 1-10 
Stump by Jesse
Spirit of the Lord
Salvation of the World 
Isaiah ministered at a time when the great Assyrian Empire dominated the Middle East.  The Assyrians probably were the most hated of any people of the ancient East, simply because they were the most brutal.  Justice will prevail for the poor and afflicted of the earth----for the Messiah will judge them with fairness.  He will not be swayed from justice by superficial sights and sounds but will be guided by divine wisdom.
 When Christ personally reigns over the earth, there will be perfect justice.  The One who created the universe by His Word will one day judge the wicked by His Word.
 Deacon Walter Washington, Superintendent of Sunday School

Adult Class Teachers:  Alethea Washington, Elaine Minor & Frank White Jr.

Youth Teachers:  Mary Conway, Rev. John A. White   

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