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October 14, 2018
Dreadful Consequences
Genesis 3:14-24 
Adam and Eve made a foolish decision to disobey God's directive.  Because of it, they were driven out of paradise.  The special communion they shared with God was broken.  
When we look  at our world, it is easy to share in that despair.  As believers, we need not indulge in an attitude of hopelessness.  Although our world is deteriorating around us, we have hope for the future.
There is a better world waiting for us, one that has been prepared specifically for those who trust Jesus Christ as Saviour. 
Deacon Walter Washington, Superintendent of Sunday School

Adult Class Teachers:  Alethea Washington, Elaine Minor, Frank White Jr.

Youth Teacher:  Mary Conway, Rev. John A. White  
Cynthia Johnson, Katina Conway-----( 2nd and 3rd Sundays)